The strangest five digital currencies you can invest in except Facebook

The strangest five digital currencies you can invest in except Facebook

The popularity of digital currencies has grown over the years as a decentralized payment alternative and a form of investment. Even so many famous institutions have participated in this field, such as Facebook, which announced the launch of its own digital currency called Libra in 2020.

The encryption arena has seen its share of both serious and exotic encryption projects. The following are the five strangest digital currencies to invest in and buy:

First currency “Dogquin”:

Although Dogquin began as a joke based on the popularity of one of the dog pictures in 2013, the coin succeeded in attracting loyal followers thanks to the Japanese dog amulet Chiba Inoue. Over the years, the currency has been used to pay for luxury and cheap properties.

The currency reached its peak in January 2018 with a market value of $ 2 billion. Its community participated in a number of marketing moves, such as sponsoring sports events such as NASCAR, and donating funds to enable Kenyan citizens to get clean water.

Second coin “Kodak Coin”:

In January 2018 Kodak announced the release of a digital currency called Kodak Coin. The coin was designed to work with the Kodak One platform as a payment method for images. The initial offering of the currency was due on 31 January 2018 but was postponed to 1 July 2019.

The Kodak One platform is being built with the help of Pok├ęchin technology to attract photographers and help them sell their artwork. Photographers will receive money in the form of Kodak Coin coins, and coin mining will be allowed.

Third coin “Denta Coin”:

This coin was built across the ethrium platform for payment to the dentist for continuous oral treatments. The currency is marketed as an alternative payment method based on the technique of plaque and helps to promote patient health at the same time.

Denta Quinn is like a health care plan. Patients make monthly deposits and doctors receive a share of the treatments.

Coin IV “Woober Coin”:

The Burger King chain of restaurants in Prussia has issued a currency of Woober Quinn as a currency for barter. A loyalty program for the company and consumers get one coin per ruble spent in purchases, and consumers can get a free burger after the collection of 1700 “Woober Quinn.”

Fifth currency “Krypto Kitts”:

A game based on the technique of the Balkchinin allows the purchase and sale and collection of virtual cats, has succeeded in the recent sale of the currency, “Crypto Ketz” in the collection of 170 thousand dollars in cash.

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